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Pay Weekly Loans

Apply to borrow from 100 to 25000*

  • Instant Decision
  • 60-Second Application Form
  • From £1,000 to £25,000
  • Rates from 5.7% APR to 278% APR*
  • 3-36 month repayment

Apply to borrow from 100 to 25000*

  • Online decision
  • Responsible lenders
  • Apply to borrow up to £3000*
  • Rates From 278% APR – 1576% APR*
  • 3-12 month repayment

What Are Unsecured Loans?

Even without collateral to pledge, there are still options to choose when applying for a loan. For loans without security deposits, these types of loans are considered unsecured. Unsecured loans allow borrowers to request for funds without giving up an asset as a security deposit. Personal loans, payday loans, credit cards, and student loans are just some examples of an unsecured loan. It is a very convenient source of funds without having to deal with the complicated approval process. However, these types of loans are often accompanied with higher interest rates.

How will MY

Pay weekly loans

Secure Process

To apply, you don’t have to leave your homes or travel miles. The process is amazingly fast and secure. All you need to do is to fill up a form online. In as fast as two minutes, you can have the result of your application without waiting hours in long lines. Your personal and banking information is safely secured.


Pay weekly loans

Paid Into Your Account

Once approved, the borrowed funds are immediately sent to your checking account. No fuss, no hassle. In just minutes, you get the money that you need without going through complicated requirements and documents. A perfect solution for emergency situations.


Pay weekly loans

Credit Problem

Your credit problem is never a problem with us. Even with bad or poor credit, you are still eligible to take advantage of our services. Our lenders offer cash assistance without the need for you to undergo a credit check. If you can pay the loan on the agreed schedule, your credit line will never be a problem.



If you find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with no money in the bank and no cash on hand, the best thing that you can do is to apply for a payday loan. Payday loans are easily acquired and don’t require complicated documents, making it the best cash assistance fund during emergency situations.


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When it comes to repaying loans most people think of monthly installments only. However you can also get pay weekly loans which as the name suggests you back the loan in weekly installments. Many banks and traditional lending institutions only offer monthly installments because they give loans to people with a stable monthly income.

What happens if you are not paid every month or if you are but want more flexible payments? You can apply for pay weekly loans from online lenders that allow you maximum flexibility when it comes to repaying the loan.

Weekly repayments are great for when you need money to buy household products. This is why there are some companies that offer cash loans to your door pay weekly. For this type of loan you purchase the product you need for instance a sofa, laptop, fridge, TV, beds, washing machine and others and then make payments on that loan weekly until you have completed the loan.

The lender allows you to continue enjoying the appliances you wanted as you make manageable weekly repayments on your loan. It makes it easy to purchase expensive appliances and equipment for you home that you would otherwise not have afforded.

You can also get pay weekly loans from direct lenders online instead of having these companies that show up to your house and use your home appliances and other items in your home as collateral. You can get an unsecured pay weekly loan from an online lender such as Loansgreen without having to put anything up as collateral.

Pay Weekly Loans Poor Credit

In the past, getting a loan with bad credit has always been difficult. Traditional lenders require you to meet a certain set threshold for you to be given a loan. However, there are online lenders that now offer pay weekly loans for people with poor credit.

Your credit score is not a requirement for you to get the pay weekly loan that you need with these lenders. This makes it possible for people with poor credit to also apply and get loans. You can actually use these pay weekly loans to grow and build your credit score.

No more queuing in bank halls and filling out so many forms. Gone also are the days of long waiting times to get your loans. With pay weekly loans unemployed you get to enjoy loans you can repay weekly even when you are not in any formal employment.

Pay weekly loans no credit check

There are many online lenders advertising no credit check loans. What is a no credit check loan and does it really exist? A no credit check loan is a loan where the lender doesn’t check your credit status before giving you a loan. However this rarely happens if you are dealing with an approved lender.

An approved lender must check on your credit history to determine your credit worthiness. They should ensure that you are able to afford the loan before giving it to you. With these regulations therefore there will be some form of credit check on your account.

However, with online lenders like Loansgreen we do not do a comprehensive credit check that reflects on your records. We conduct a soft credit search that reveals just enough for us to make a decision. Even if a full blown credit check is done we do not use your credit score as the main determinant of whether you will get a long or not.

To ensure that people with bad credit can enjoy pay weekly loans bad credit we offer loans based on your current financial status only. Your past inability to pay a loan doesn’t mean you will be unable to pay now. Our loans are almost guaranteed when you have an appealing current financial situation.

Benefits of pay weekly loans over pay monthly loans

There are many benefits to taking a pay weekly loan as opposed to a monthly installment loan. Here are some of the top benefits that you will enjoy with pay weekly loans;

Manageable repayments – one of the benefits is that the repayments on your loan are quite manageable. With a monthly repayment loan you have to make payments once every month. These payments are usually a lot especially for short term loans. Spreading the payment every week then allows you to make small payments that are manageable.

Choose the repayment day – you are allowed to choose the day of the week when the loan repayment will be done. You are therefore able to choose the day of the week when you know funds will always be there in your account. You are allowed to change the day of payment as you would like giving you the freedom to manage your finances as you please.

Spread the cost – since you are repaying every week then there are no surprises on your repayments. You know exactly what is going on out of your account and when it is going out so you are able to take control of your finances.

You can improve your credit score – usually when you set up weekly repayments they will be done on auto pilot using direct debit. This enhances the chances of your credit score improving as you make regular payments from your account. Within no time you will notice a dramatic change in your credit score.

With many online lenders you get an online calculator that helps you to calculate what your weekly repayments will be like. You will therefore always be sure of what is required of you so there are never any surprises.

However you are always cautioned to use a lender that explains everything to you simply and in a transparent manner as we do at Loansgreen. Everything is laid out in front of you so you know exactly how much you are being charged. Further with pay weekly loans direct lenders there are no hidden charges or fees.

Loans where you can pay back weekly

If you are looking for pay back weekly loans direct lenders then you are in for a treat with Loansgreen. We offer instant loans that you can use to cater for your immediate needs and repay in manageable weekly repayments.

We automatically set up the repayments from your debit card so you do not have to lift a finger to pay. Everything runs on auto pilot making repayments very convenient for you. Our application process is also very easy, quick and we always try to say yes to our applicants. Try our services today by hitting the apply now button.

 When you make your payment to us we report your payments history to the credit reference agency so that your credit history and credit score improves significantly over time.

Pay weekly loans on benefits

If you are not currently employed you can also still get a loan if you are on benefits. If you are low on cash and have an emergency that requires money immediately you can access pay weekly loans on benefits.

The pay weekly loans rely on your beneficiaries rather than on your employment status. When your benefits check comes in you are then able to repay for the loan as required. These loans are considered payday loans because they are waiting for your benefits check to come so they can get cleared.

The type of beneficiary income that qualifies for a loan includes; government assistance, disability payments, periodic income from a structured court settlement, child support payments, property rental payments, income from a trust fund, and any other situation where you receive payments weekly. If you receive your income or beneficiaries monthly then you can apply for a monthly payday loan.

With benefits you do not need to provide any collateral to enjoy the loans. Your account is debited automatically so that when the benefits are paid the loan is automatically paid for. These loans are also ideal for people who are on benefits and have bad credit.

Getting a conventional loan when you are on benefits and have poor credit is a difficult task. However, online lenders like Loansgreen are accustomed to working with people with bad credit ratings. We therefore have solutions for people who are on benefits and have bad credit.

There are also pay weekly loans for people who are unemployed. If you are unemployed and receive some form of benefits like unemployment benefits you can also get a loan based entirely on that. The lender will determine when you receive the benefits and how much you receive to determine if you can be able to afford the loan.

If you are unemployed and not receiving any regular income or benefit you can opt to apply for a secured loan like a logbook loan. For this kind of loan the collateral is the main determining factor on what amount of loan you will receive. With this kind of loan you need to take caution as you could lose your valuable possession that you have used for collateral.

The lender is allowed by law to take possession of your collateral to recoup their money. You should therefore ensure that you have the loan repayments planned out to keep your property of value.