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Loans For Students

Apply to borrow from 100 to 25000*

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Apply to borrow from 100 to 25000*

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  • Apply to borrow up to £3000*
  • Rates From 278% APR – 1576% APR*
  • 3-12 month repayment

What Are Unsecured Loans?

Even without collateral to pledge, there are still options to choose when applying for a loan. For loans without security deposits, these types of loans are considered unsecured. Unsecured loans allow borrowers to request for funds without giving up an asset as a security deposit. Personal loans, payday loans, credit cards, and student loans are just some examples of an unsecured loan. It is a very convenient source of funds without having to deal with the complicated approval process. However, these types of loans are often accompanied with higher interest rates.

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Loans For Students

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To apply, you don’t have to leave your homes or travel miles. The process is amazingly fast and secure. All you need to do is to fill up a form online. In as fast as two minutes, you can have the result of your application without waiting hours in long lines. Your personal and banking information is safely secured.

Loans For Students

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Once approved, the borrowed funds are immediately sent to your checking account. No fuss, no hassle. In just minutes, you get the money that you need without going through complicated requirements and documents. A perfect solution for emergency situations.

Loans For Students

Credit Problem

Your credit problem is never a problem with us. Even with bad or poor credit, you are still eligible to take advantage of our services. Our lenders offer cash assistance without the need for you to undergo a credit check. If you can pay the loan on the agreed schedule, your credit line will never be a problem.



If you find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with no money in the bank and no cash on hand, the best thing that you can do is to apply for a payday loan. Payday loans are easily acquired and don’t require complicated documents, making it the best cash assistance fund during emergency situations.


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For a long time students have been viewed as unsuitable candidates for loans and even though many big banks still do not offer loans for students there are many lenders that are offering. Besides the federal loans, a student can get a private short term loan to cater for emergencies and make transactions that require a lot of cash like buying a car, repairing a car or house, paying rent and so much more.

These instant loans for students are usually given at a high APR because they are both short term loans and the student is considered a high risk borrower. What’s more, many of the lenders do not do credit checks on the borrowers.

Loans for students are now easily available online. The process of getting a student loan is easy and instant. All you have to do is fill our required forms online providing your details accurately. The details provided are then cross referenced through a database and the approval process is completed in just a matter of minutes.

After that the loan is deposited into your account in just a matter of minutes. This makes these instant loans for students perfect for emergencies. No documents are required, you do not have to make long queues at bank halls and wait for a long time to get the money you need.

However, although it is easy to get a student loan, it is advisable that as a student you first access all the avenues you have at your disposal. Look for grants and scholarships as this is money you will not have to repay back. Try keeping your debt to a minimum. Debt can hurt you badly in the future.

Loan for Students Who are Unemployed

Many of the students who are looking for student loans are unemployed. Being employed will really help your chances of getting a loan for many lenders because they know you can be able to make the installment repayments every month.

Being employed also can help you get several loans at once provided you have the required income to debt ratio that the lender requires. It doesn’t mean that those who are unemployed cannot get the loans. The lenders understand that you are a student and as such you might be getting help from your parents to repay the loan.

While applying for a loan, you will be required to provide your information including financial and student status. The criteria for the considerations are done taking into account your situation as a student.

Having a cosigner can really improve your chances of getting a loan for students when you are unemployed. The lender considers the creditworthiness of the cosigner when lending you the money. A cosigner can also help you meet other requirements that might have prevented you from getting a loan.

Your employment status will help your chances for getting loans for students UK but it is not the only determining factor. Many unemployed students are still getting student loans in the UK. It might however dictate the terms that you will get. You might be required to repay the loan quickly and you might also be limited on what you can borrow.

Unemployed students can build their credit scores by borrowing these student loans. How? By making payments on the loan religiously when required and clearing the loans on time, your credit score becomes better with time. On the other hand, borrowing and defaulting on the payments hurts your credit score.

It is imperative therefore that before you apply for these short term loans for students, you have a repayment plan in mind. Be sure that whoever is helping you to repay the loan (the cosigner) will keep their word. If you are taking the money to get into any money generating venture be certain that it will start bringing in money immediately and you will not lose your investment.

How to Get Loans for College Students?

To qualify for a loan as a student several factors are looked into by the different lenders available. Since undergraduate students might not have established any credit score or have any source of income, they are required to have a cosigner. There are instances where the student is unable to have a cosigner. Still it is possible to get a student loan.

In such a case, the lender will consider the performance of the student, the career and the potential income. Most lenders issue loans to schools that process federal student loans. If you have a source of income and a good credit score then it becomes really easy to qualify for loans for students UK. You can even negotiate a good APR because you will not be considered a very high risk borrower.

How Much Do Students Pay Back for Loans?

Student loans are expensive. Expect to pay high APR rates depending on the lender. Your APR rate depends on several factors including; the level of degree that you get, whether you have a cosigner or not, and the period of repayment amongst others.

Student loans have high APR rates because the student is a high risk borrower. The reasons for this are; they might have a bad credit score, they might be unemployed or with unstable employment, no collateral is offered and they might be making poor financial decisions.

It is advisable that as a student you consider taking short term loans for students and repay them back as required to stay out of debt. This will help to grow your credit score and also keep you open and eligible for a loan in the future when you really need one. Only aim at borrowing what you need to avoid repaying so much and for long.

What Loans are Available for College Students?

College students can get two types of loans. They can get the federal loans or the government backed student loans. These are loans given by the federal government to help students get through the nuances of university life with ease.

However, government backed loans are usually limited. With a private short term loan for students you can be able to meet many of your other needs that require more cash available. The private student loans are usually given on a short term basis. They are also limited because as a student you are considered a high risk borrower.

These loans are becoming very popular amongst students because they are able to meet emergencies and other needs they have. Repayments for these loans start right away unlike for the federal backed loans where repayments start when you get employment.

Further the private student loans come with high APRs than those given by the government. This is because the lender is taking a big risk lending to someone who might be unemployed and without a stellar credit score. Actually there are loans for students with bad credit UK.

How Do Student Loans Work for College Graduates?

Graduate students also qualify for loans. A graduate student can get either a federal loan or a private loan. The graduate student loans are tailored for the different graduate schools a student could be in. For instance there are; medical school loans, law school loans, MBA loans, medical residency loans, dental school loans, bar study loans, and so many other graduate school loans.

Some of the lenders offer graduate school loans with features that are meant to meet the needs of your school. Some loans might have deferment periods during which the student is in residency for instance. Many lenders look at the credit worthiness of the borrower when it comes to graduate loans.

However, if your credit score is not strong you can apply with a co-signer. Most lenders will give from $1,000 to 100% of the estimated COA for your course. With a graduate loan therefore you can easily be able to enter into your career choice, advance your career, get a promotion and also earn more.

What to look for in a loan for students UK?

If you have decided that a student loan is the way to go for you, then you have to do some due diligence before you can settle on the lender. Ensure that you are able to make the monthly payments without any issue so that you can grow your credit score. Consider all the rates and the terms given to find which loan for students is good for you.

You can use a smart search or soft credit search tool to find which loans you might be eligible for. Doing a soft search doesn’t reflect on your credit. When you find which products you are eligible to apply for then you can choose between those choices. Look at the APR, the total amount you will pay back and the monthly repayments to determine whether you can handle the loan.

For all loans for students you are advised not to borrow beyond what you need. This is because you will have more interest to pay and it will take you long to repay the loan. Make sure you are not pushing yourself into more debt by making your payments on time to avoid charges on your loan. Have a budget and stick to it religiously to grow your credit score and to be able to repay the loan quickly.