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Apply to borrow from 100 to 25000*

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Apply to borrow from 100 to 25000*

  • Online decision
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  • Apply to borrow up to £3000*
  • Rates From 278% APR – 1576% APR*
  • 3-12 month repayment

What Are Unsecured Loans?

Even without collateral to pledge, there are still options to choose when applying for a loan. For loans without security deposits, these types of loans are considered unsecured. Unsecured loans allow borrowers to request for funds without giving up an asset as a security deposit. Personal loans, payday loans, credit cards, and student loans are just some examples of an unsecured loan. It is a very convenient source of funds without having to deal with the complicated approval process. However, these types of loans are often accompanied with higher interest rates.

How will MY

No Credit Check Loans

Secure Process

To apply, you don’t have to leave your homes or travel miles. The process is amazingly fast and secure. All you need to do is to fill up a form online. In as fast as two minutes, you can have the result of your application without waiting hours in long lines. Your personal and banking information is safely secured.


No Credit Check Loans

Paid Into Your Account

Once approved, the borrowed funds are immediately sent to your checking account. No fuss, no hassle. In just minutes, you get the money that you need without going through complicated requirements and documents. A perfect solution for emergency situations.


No Credit Check Loans

Credit Problem

Your credit problem is never a problem with us. Even with bad or poor credit, you are still eligible to take advantage of our services. Our lenders offer cash assistance without the need for you to undergo a credit check. If you can pay the loan on the agreed schedule, your credit line will never be a problem.



If you find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with no money in the bank and no cash on hand, the best thing that you can do is to apply for a payday loan. Payday loans are easily acquired and don’t require complicated documents, making it the best cash assistance fund during emergency situations.


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Getting a loan from a bank has always been a tedious and long process. Besides the long application with a lot of paperwork is also the dreaded and petrifying credit check that most people in the UK want to avoid. So what do you do when you want no credit check loans? What are credit check loans anyway?

Before going on to that it is important to understand the traditional loan application and approval process. Regardless of the many banks available, the application process is roughly the same for all of them. Here is an outline of this process;

Fill in an application form – the first step starts with you filling out an application form. The form will include required information such as personal details, employment details, current addresses and so forth. For most banks this can be done online or at the branch. Ensure that the information is filled out as accurately as possible.

Credit check – the lender then subjects you to a credit check that is meant to verify the information you have given against that in your credit records. This is done to assess how risky it is for the lender to loan you money. This is the process that you are aiming to avoid with no credit check loans. However, as you will find out this has to happen whether the loans are advertised as no credit check loans or not.

You get the decision on your application – the lender will then give you the decision on you application. They will tell you if your application has been accepted or not. If accepted you will be given the amount that the lender can offer and at what interest rate. If you agree then the money is sent to your account.

If you have failed remember to ask the lender why you failed. Ensure that you check your credit report after that for any errors and wait until you make any more applications as this can harm your credit report.

What are no credit check loans?

No credit check loans are loans that are meant for people with bad credit. These loans are usually offered by other online lenders other than banks. For the bank to offer you a loan your credit score must reach a certain threshold. This is not the same with online lenders like Loansgreen.

With no credit check loans, the lender still performs a credit check on you as this is a requirement of the FCA. The FCA is the body that regulates all lenders in the UK. In order to ensure that lenders are not taking advantage of borrowers by giving loans to people who cannot afford them the authority requires that all lenders ascertain that a customer can afford a loan and has ability to pay it back.

With that said therefore there are really no true “no credit check loans” unless for sure a credit check is not performed. The online lenders perform a soft credit check on you which doesn’t leave footprints on your records.

However, they do not use your credit score as the primary determinant on whether you should get the loan or not. Rather, the decision to offer you the loan or to deny it is based solely on your current financial situation.

You have been able to pay a loan well before maybe because you did not have a good job. What if you have a better one now or you have finally gotten that much awaited for promotion at work? What if your side hustle is raking in more pounds it is almost becoming your main hustle? Things do change and people change with them.

At loansgreen we believe that you should not be denied a loan based on your past credit score or history. This is because it can be a discriminating factor that doesn’t really reflect your ability to repay a loan now.

How do no credit check loans work?

No credit check loans are usually meant to cater for people with bad credit or people who want a secured loan. When you have bad credit the lender views you as a high risk borrower based on the fact that you are likely to default on the loan. As established earlier this is not true most of the times because many people looking for bad credit loans no guarantor no credit check repay their loans well.

For bad credit loans no credit check, the lender doesn’t use your credit score as the basis to offer or deny you a loan. If you have bad credit but have collateral to offer then no credit check loans instant decision become really easy for you to get. This is because with the collateral the lender doesn’t view you as a high risk borrower any more.

Actually, for many lenders, including banks, your credit score becomes a secondary consideration when you want a secured loan. It is highly considered when you want unsecured personal loans.

The most common “no credit check loans” available on the internet is payday loans. If you have a stable source of income you can easily get bad credit payday loans direct lenders no credit check. These short term loans are offered to borrowers that want quick cash to repay on the pay day.

When your pay date comes, the money is paid into the account of the lender directly from yours. With a payday loan you are supposed to clear the payments in one lump sum or in a couple of payments.

How do no credit check car loans work?

If you are looking to buy a new car but you have bad credit then what do you do? No credit check car loans are the answer to your problem. These are loans that are intended for people who want to buy a car but have bad credit, no credit or limited credit histories.

Traditionally to offer you a car loan at a bank, your credit history and score will play a major role. With online lenders like Loansgreen however, it is possible to get the car of your dreams with no credit check car loans. For these loans your credit score doesn’t influence your ability to get the loan and buy the car.

There are those lenders that will require you to put up a deposit for the car. The more deposit you can place the easier it becomes for you to get the loan. This is because the principal amount of the loan decreases and therefore the risk on the side of the lender.

Most lenders have participating dealerships where you can select a car from while others allow you to select a car of your choice from any dealership you want. These loans are offered to purchase new or used cars alike.

After you have been granted the loan, the lender uses the car as collateral. You will be using the car as usual but you will be given the title to the car after you have finished paying for the loan. It is important to remember that cars depreciate in value and therefore these loans are not really long term. They are offered for 2 to 5 years by most lenders.

You need to be on the lookout for lenders with dubiously high APR rates as these can put you in perpetual debt. Find a lender that offers good rates for you so you are able to repay the loan and own your car free and clear as soon as possible.

It is recommended that you buy a second hand car that is not more than five years old with this plan. This is because cars lose the most value in their first three years of being on the road. For a car that is five years old you can get a really good bargain for a car that is almost new.

How to get personal loans with no credit check?

Bad credit or no credit makes it tough for people to get a loan. However, it is not impossible to get a loan with bad credit with no credit check loans. Personal loans are the most preferred types of loans by many people because they can be used as one pleases. They are also easy to get whether you have collateral to place or not.

If you have a bad credit score, the lender views you as a high risk. They assume that there is a lower likelihood that you will repay the loan. This is an assumption that is quite fair to many people. For this reason however, many no credit check personal loans are expensive than normal loans.

The best way to get a personal loan with no credit check is through direct online lenders like Loansgreen. You can also get a personal loan with no credit check quickly if you have collateral to reduce the risk for the lender.

When shopping for a lender that offers no credit check loans, be on the lookout for lenders offering very high interest rates. At Loansgreen our interest rates are competitive and based on market values. They are also practical and repayable. They are not meant to keep you in perpetual debt. We aspire to help you grow your credit score as you sort out your issues by offering loans to you with ease and making it easy for you to pay.